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Financial Links

If you have financial worries or you are unable to manage your debts, please take advice. Do not be tempted by advertisements on the TV or in the press to consolidate loans or to borrow against your house, unless you have taken proper independent advice to explain the long-term implications of such actions. 

Remember that all sales people are nice and helpful when they are trying to sell you something to get commission. Also be aware of "free" advice from companies, which will result in their offering you a loan (at high interest rates) or ask for a fee to arrange a loan that never materialises. There are also bogus "charities" which are fronts for unscrupulous loan or IVA management companies.

While every attempt has been made to check the sites below for suitability, we cannot guarantee that all sites are suitable. Occasionally. sites are hacked and the indicated link leads elsewhere.

These independent web sites may help but the information on the sites listed does not represent the views of Greenwood Primary School or the London Borough of Ealing.

CAB Citizens' Advice Bureau

The CAB gives a clear, step-by-step strategy for sorting out financial problems. You may also visit the local CAB for face-to-face advice.

CCCS Step Change Debt Charity

This charity provides free expert advice that could help you get back on your feet and on with your life. Based on a proven and successful formula, the specialist advisory service has helped many people in the UK by providing counselling on personal budgeting, advice on the wise use of credit and managing achievable plans to repay debts.

Gov UK Gov UK

This site gives good general advice on prioritising your debts and other actions to take if you are having financial difficulties. There is a range of information about benefits, tax, etc.

Money-Saving Expert Money-Saving Expert

This site is great for finding ways to save money and to find bargains. You can sign up for a regular e-mailed newsletter. The forums are useful for getting advice, too. The site was recently sold to MoneySupermarket and may not be as independent as it was.

National Debtline National Debtline

National Debtline is a national telephone helpline for people with debt problems in England, Scotland and Wales. The service is free, confidential and independent. Tel: 0808 808 4000.

Tax Credits Tax Credits

Tax credits are payments from the government to help people living in the UK with everyday costs. If you're responsible for at least one child or young person who usually lives with you, you may be eligible for Child Tax Credit. If you earn low wages, you may be eligible for Working Tax Credit. All the information you need is on this site.

s Money Advice Service

This is a free and impartial money advice, set up by government. It Includes advice and guides to help improve your finances; tools and calculators to help you keep track and plan ahead and support in person, over the phone and online

Job Centre Job Centre

This site tells you how you contact Jobcentre Plus according to the help you need, e.g. finding a job, changing an appointment, checking an existing claim or making a new claim or complaint.

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