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Disability and Special Needs Links

These pages contains links to a number of useful web sites for parents. Click on the title or picture to access the site.

While every attempt has been made to check the sites below for suitability, we cannot guarantee that all sites are suitable. Occasionally. sites are hacked and the indicated link leads elsewhere.

The information on the sites listed does not represent the views of Greenwood Primary School or the London Borough of Ealing.

ACE Advisory Centre for Education

The Advisory Centre for Education (ACE) is an independent advice centre for parents, offering information about state education in England and Wales for 5-16 year olds.

Hearing Loss Action on Hearing Loss

This charity offers a range of services for deaf and hard of hearing people, and provides information and support on all aspects of deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus.

Afasic Afasic(speech impaired children)

Afasic (Association for all speech impaired children) Afasic supports parents and represents children and young people with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). It is a UK charity established to help children and young people, their families and the professionals working with them.

Blind Children Blind Children UK

The Blind Children UK aims to provide blind and partially sighted children with an equal opportunity for education which is adequately supported with information provided in a suitable format for their needs, and where there are no barriers to sports and recreational activities. Contact: 0800 781 1444

British Deaf Association British Deaf Association

The BDA is the largest Deaf organisation in the UK that is run by Deaf people and amongst other things are campaigning for the right for all Deaf children to receive a bilingual education, using British Sign Language (BSL) and English, and the right to quality and choice in education.

Dylexia Association British Dyslexia Association(BDA)

The BDA promotes early identification and support in schools to ensure opportunity to learn for dyslexic learners. They also aim to represent the needs of dyslexic people on leaving school,in higher education and in work. The Ealing branch provides information, advice and drop-in sessions for parents, teachers, children and adult dyslexics. There are also regular talks, seminars and courses that promote awareness and understanding of specific learning difficulties. Contact (020) 8995 7092.

Children's Trust The Children's Trust

The Children's Trust offers both residential and community-based rehabilitation services for children and young people with acquired brain injury (ABI). the charity believes that all children with brain injury should have the opportunity to live the best life possible.

connexions Connexions

The youth and connexions service provides opportunities for young people aged 13-19 years (up to 25 years for young people with disabilities) to fulfil their potential through a range of challenging, creative, formal and informal programmes. The service also works with young people to help them overcome barriers and make an effective transition into adulthood. Contact: (020) 8825 5777.

Family ActionFamily Action

Family Action offers a range of support for families of children with SEND. In addition to a number of specialist ADHD and autism services it is also the largest provider of Information, Advice and Support Services (formerly Parent Partnership services) in the country.

Dyspraxia Foundation Dyspraxia Foundation

A UK charity which exists to help people to understand and cope with dyspraxia and is also a resource for parents, for teenagers and adults who have the condition, and for professionals who help all of them. Contact: 01462 454986

Autistic Society National Autistic Society

NAS is the leading UK charity for people with autism (including Asperger syndrome) and their families. It provides information, support and pioneering services and campaigns for a better world for people with autism.

SENDIST Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal

Parents whose children have special educational needs can appeal to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal against decisions made by local education authorities (LEAs) in England and Wales about their children's education. Contact: SEN Administration Service, Carmelita House, 21-22 The Mall, Ealing, W5 2PJ Tel:(020) 8825 5533

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