"The school is a positive and welcoming place....Pupils feel safe in school....." (Ofsted 2017)


At present all children wear the school colours (dark green) and this is strongly encouraged as we feel it to be important in developing a feeling of school community

Sweatshirts with the school logo, and matching trousers, are available from the school, as are optional fleece jackets,baseball caps and book bags. London Borough of Ealing school uniform vouchers can be used for the purchase of sweatshirts.


Other uniform items are as follows:

Shirts/Blouses -- White or Grey

Jumpers -- Dark Green

Skirts/Pinafores -- Dark Green

Trousers (girls & boys) -- Dark Grey or Black

Socks/Tights -- White, Grey or Black

Shoes or Trainers -- Black

Dresses -- Green & White

Children attending the Nursery are not expected to wear uniform, although small school sweatshirts are available if they are keen to do so!

For safety reasons we do not allow:

Jewellery (except watches and ear studs);

Shoes with high or narrow heels;

Knee length boots;

Plastic sandals.

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