"The school is a positive and welcoming place....Pupils feel safe in school....." (Ofsted 2017)

Meet the Staff

Year Group Staff Role Learning Support
  Mr J Britzman Head Teacher  
  Mrs K Silvester Deputy Head & Child Protection  
  Mr A Jones Assistant Head (Juniors)
Inclusion Manager
  Mrs V Rothery Assistant Head (Infants)  
Administration Miss S O’Hagan
Mrs D Hern
Finance Officer
Infant Department Mrs P Wesley Welfare/Admin Assistant  
Junior Department Mrs A Radford Welfare/Admin Assistant  
  Mr M Gibson
Mrs L Spearing
Assistant Caretaker
Nursery - Ladybirds Mrs S Kalsi Year Group Leader Miss L Brown (Nursery Nurse)
Mrs I Hilne (LSA)
Mrs C Russell (LSA)
Rec - Butterflies

Rec - Caterpillars
Rec - Bumblebees
Mrs S Howard

Miss A Patel
Mrs K James
Year Group Leader & EYFS Co-ordinator
Class Teacher
Class Teacher
Miss G Davies (Nursery Nurse)
Ms H Nicholls (LSA)
Miss D Stephens (Nursery Nurse)
Year 1 - Swans
Year 1 - Ducks
Year 1 - Herons
Mrs Mullen
Mr J Roberts
Miss H Johnson
Class Teacher
Year Group Leader
Class Teacher
Mrs C Soloman (LSA)
Mrs B Chavda (LSA)
Year 2 - Squirrels
Year 2 - Rabbits
Year 2 - Hedgehogs
Ms Hubbert
Miss Churchman
Miss K Clucas
Class Teacher
Class Teacher
Year 1 & 2 Phase Leader
Mrs A Pandya (LSA)
Ms A Kiernan (LSA)
Year 3 - Robins
Year 3 - Sparrows
Year 3 - Woodpeckers
Miss S Whyte
Mr Worsdall
Mrs Lefley-Evans

& Miss Kelly
Class Teacher
Class Teacher
Year Group Leader & Numeracy Coordinator
Class Teacher
Mrs S Hussain (LSA)
Miss M Callum (LSA)
Mrs K Ginn (LSA)
Year 4 - Otters
Year 4 - Beavers

Year 4 - Water Voles
Miss Macari
Mrs S Khosla

Mrs Zia
Class Teacher
Year 3 & 4 Phase Leader & Numeracy Coordinator
Class Teacher
Mrs S Manneh (LSA)
Year 5 - Deer
Year 5 - Foxes

Year 5 - Badgers
Miss V Hirani
Ms V Seal

& Mr P Mulholland
Miss Pedler
Class Teacher
Year Group Leader & KS2 Literacy Co-ordinator
Class Teacher (Thurs & Fri)
Class Teacher
Mrs M Ditton (LSA)
Mrs J Bean (LSA)
Year 6 - Eagles
Year 6 - Hawks
Year 6 - Falcons
Mr Kilyan
Miss S Seewoodhary
Miss Fayle
Year 5 & 6 Phase Leader
Class Teacher
Class Teacher
Mrs K Prinja (LSA)
EAL Support     Mrs M Jotangia (LSA)
Mrs A Johal (LSA)
PPA Teachers Miss S Kelly
Mr P Mulholland
Mrs K Reeves
Mrs S Ryan
Mr M Stacey
Mrs J Moore
KS1 Literacy Co-ordinator

Music & MFL

SEND and Support Staff  

Mrs W Baldry (LSA)
Mrs F Ashraf (LSA)
Mrs J Bean (LSA)
Mrs A Radford (LSA)
Mrs P Wesley (LSA)
Miss B Wywrockay (LSA)
Miss N Joshi (LSA)

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